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We believe everyone needs the hope Jesus offers.  The CLBC Ministries exist to help people find that hope and grow in a spiritual relationship with Jesus.  


We are here to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to make a lasting difference in your life, in the community and in the world.  We serve in the spirit with integrity and compassion for our community.



The Deacons work with the Pastor in all matters relative to the spiritual interest of the Church.  They shall assist the Pastor in administering the ordinances of the Church, in visiting the sick, the poor, and the afflicted.  They shall have charge of providing worship leadership during the Pastor’s absence or incapacity, or whenever the pastorate becomes vacant. 


The Missionary Society serves the needs of the poor, sick and senior citizens in our church and community.  The ministry spreads the word wherever needed.


The Trustees serve the membership through representation in all of the Church's financial obligations, including administration of fiscal matters, Church buildings and property, ancillary services, and corporate responsibilities.  They also provide leadership in devising methods of securing adequate income to meet the financial needs of the Church.  As members of the Trustee Fellowship of Metropolitan Washington, the Trustees seek opportunities for spiritual growth as a ministry through training and fellowship with other churches within the local area.


The Deaconesses shall work with the Pastor and Deacons in matter relative to spiritual interest of the Church. They shall prepare for and assist in the ordinances of the Church as requested by the Pastor. They shall visit the sick, poor, and afflicted, and report any special needs to the Deacons and/or Pastor.  They shall exercise spiritual leadership in worship devotion and prayer meetings.  The Deaconesses shall care for the requirement of the pulpit, i.e., floral placement, tidiness,


The mission of the Usher Board Ministry is to utilize the systemic method set forth by the ICUA in seating the congregation of the church.  The ushers strive to maintain perfect order, guard the door and see that the church is in proper condition to receive guests.  The ushers greet members and guests, provide fans, programs and special offering envelopes. The Usher Board looks to God in carrying out its mission and to help the Pastor make the service a success.


The mission of the nurses is to provide temporary comfort to the congregation during time of a minor illness.  The ministry is responsible for sponsoring educational seminars on health issues, conducting screening sessions, and having educational literature available to members of the church and community.


The musical ministries lead the congregation in worshipping God in music and song.  The musical ministries consist of the following choirs:

     -Gospel Chorus

     - The Voices

     - Youth Choir

     - Male Choral Ensemble

     - Mass Choir

     - Praise and Worship

Women Ministry

The Women’s Ministry is a group of dedicated Spirit-filled women who love the Lord, Jesus Christ and who have a burning desire to know more and more about God’s Kingdom Building.  They support the Pastor, the women of the church, and their community. The types of service provided arrange from social, personal, and financial guidance to young mothers, and encouragement to the elderly.  We enjoy fellowshipping with one another through workshops, spiritual telephone conferencing, and breakfast fellowship. We help Christian women to recognize their spiritual gifts, talents, and skills to fulfill the ministry of the church.

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